A Phone Tracker App Called Find My Iphone

People who have iPhones love downloading and using all kinds of apps. If you’re an iPhone user, I’m sure that you will be interested in hearing about a very nice software program that’s available just for the the iPhone. This is a particularly interesting cell phone tracker program known as Find My iPhone.

After getting the program added and working right on your cellular phone, you’ll need to sign up for a service called MobileMe. It’s actually free to download and install the app you you’ll have to pay $99 a year for the MobileMe subscription and the app won’t work unless you do.

If you wish to sample the service first, you can actually try MobileMe for 2 months without charge and then if you decide to keep it, you’ll need to pay for it. It’s really rather very easy to utilize Find My iPhone to locate a misplaced or stolen cellular telephone. You’ll just need to find an Internet connected computer and sign into your private MobileMe account with your your security password and user ID. Then, simply with push of mouse button, you’ll see the exact location of your cellphone displayed on a map on your computer monitor.

Now, there are a couple of especially awesome functions that come with the Find My iPhone phone tracker that you’ll probably want to know about. The first is that you can actually remotely lock your cellular phone so that no one will be able to snoop into the information that is stored on your phone or place unauthorized calls with your phone.

The second function is very powerful and should be reserved for cases where you don’t think that you’re ever going to be able to recover your cellular phone. This particular option will allow users to thoroughly wipe off all of the personal data which is saved on your iPhone. Once you use this function, there’s no going back so use it cautiously.

You should know that your cellular phone must be on and within the cellular telephone coverage area for this app to be able to report its location to the Find My iPhone service. The app must also be left operating in the background of the phone

Electronic Medical Emr Software To Protect Patient’s Records

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) is a computerized software designed for hospitals, medical institution and clinics. EMR software exchanges paper-based records maintained in a hospital and is a most common manner of tracking patient entire information in hospitals. The software allows the medical staff including doctors to record, retrieve and modify any records on medical reports.

The patient’s past medical history is recorded in an electronic format and can be easily retrieved by all medical personnels. It reduces a lot of risk and becomes very easy than creating infinite number of charts and details of a patient’s medical history. EMR software’s use is simple as the doctors are able to store the information more proficiently in a well-managed way. The chart, paper records related to patient’s that are conserved in various places in a hospital, collecting them to a single location for review by medical personnel is an hectic and time-taking.

Unlike the paper work, making multiple copies of the data or information in electronic form is simple and affordable process. As the multiple copies of information can be created in different locations, the EMRs are ideal for hospitals.
There are a lot of benefits of EMR software. It can convert information into an electronic format and helps the medical personnels in bringing about efficiency and professionalism in their work. The software makes the information safe from hackers, fire and other natural calamities.

Security of patient’s confidentail information is a crucial issue in hospitals. When you try to keep the medical software secure, you are helping build a relationship of trust. Thus, the patients who trust you are more interested to share their complete personal information. Medical EMR software has to the potential to improve patient outcomes, reduce costs and improve the whole healthcare system.

Features of Electonic Medical Records (EMR) module:

* Superior GUI to make data collection easy for the consulting doctors/ transcriptionists.
* Collated & formatted collection of information on patients, as required.
* Search on patient records by patient name, patient ID, etc.
* Complete clinical data repository.
* Capturing basic patient demographic details.
– ICD-10 Codes for Diagnosis and Clinical Findings.
– CPT codes for all the Clinical and Diagnostic procedures.
* Real time ordering of tests and medications.
* Customized forms for various specialties to simplify clinical history taking.
* Laboratory reports, medical Images, clinical procedure records, etc.
* Built-in reports and user-oriented report-writing capabilities, etc.

Android Based Social Networking

Google based android operating system for mobile is gaining popularity these days worldwide. The android operating system is recognized all over the world for its applications market and its Google powered applications. Mobile companies who have collaboration with Google for its software support are experiencing growth in their business by a high increase in the sales. Customers all across the globe are demanding android based mobile phones for better connectivity and social networking experience.

Another factor which contributes to the growth of android market is the android social network which not only includes major social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, etc but also includes newer android based social networking applications. Moreover the major factor which is responsible for android’s growth is the availability of the most used applications free of cost. Yes, Google based android provides social networking applications like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace free of cost, and not just that it also provides thousands of other applications totally free. There are some paid applications on the android platform which also are good value for money. Speed of the android based mobile phones is experienced to be much more than it’s other counterparts.

The android bases smart phones are having built in powerful applications like that of a music player, GPS navigation, voice memos, speaker phone and many more. The android smart phone seems to do it all and that too in a range that is not much as compared to its counterparts like Nokia or the I-phone. The android platform promises to offer more than lakh applications which can be easily downloaded from the android market. Most of the android social networking apps are free of cost for which the user has to simply enter his account ID and password for the successful download of the applications. The experience of these applications is like using the same applications on a home personal computer.

There are many useful android social network applications in the android based smart phones among which following are the most used and the best ones: Facebook: There are various Facebook applications in the android market, also those released officially by the Facebook team. These applications make you feel as if you’re logged in from your computer and give you a splendid experience.

Twitter: There are many twitter apps in the android market, among which the most famous is “Twidroid” which is a free as well as a paid application. Using this application you can easily tweet and share your thoughts and ideas with the world.