Dish Network Makes HDTV Happen

If high definition television is the TV format and technology of the future, then it’s worth learning all about it right now. This is especially true because it’s a more complex television format than the older standard definition format. In order to better understand high definition television, it helps if you understand standard definition television. Standard definition television, which you will sometimes see referred to as SDTV, first appeared back in the 1950’s and features an almost square screen with an aspect ratio of 4:4 and four hundred and eighty horizontal lines of resolution. It was originally transmitted in black and white over an analog signal. Later, color was added, and by the early 1990’s standard definition television could also be transmitted over a digital television signal. Standard definition television programming transmitted over a digital TV signal creates a much crisper picture than the analog signal ever could. Many people mistake this higher clarity in a digital television transmission for high definition television. In reality it’s just standard definition television transmitted digitally.

High definition television is a step above standard definition television (even SDTV that’s been transmitted digitally) in many ways. Instead of the squarish 4:3 aspect ratio, high definition television (or HDTV) has the rectangular aspect ratio of 16:9. High definition television also comes either of two different picture resolutions. It can have either seven hundred and twenty horizontal lines of resolution or one thousand and eighty horizontal lines of resolutions. HDTV also features Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound which, when played over a properly set up sound system, goes a long way toward incorporating the audience into the action on the screen. Modern high definition television is also always delivered using a digital signal. All high definition television programming is digital, but not all digital television programming is high definition.

Extra requirements for high definition television place extra demands on the receiver equipment that handles high definition television programming. High definition television receiver equipment has to be able to handle all of the television picture resolutions of standard definition television along with high definition television. Because of the extra features of high definition television as a format, high definition television receivers also have to handle a lot more data and be able to decode the MPEG-4 data compression format used for high definition television as well as the MPEG-2 data compression format used to send standard definition television.

Fortunately when you sign up for a high definition programming package from Dish Network (which has the most high def channels in the industry by the way) you’ll be given a high definition television satellite receiver at no extra charge. Dish Network currently offers the ViP211 and the ViP622 DVR to its high def subscribers. Both will easily deal with all of the functions mentioned above, on top of all of the standard features that every Dish Network satellite receiver has. The ViP622 DVR has the additional capabilities of recording both high definition and standard definition programming on an internal hard drive and being able to deliver programming to a second television located elsewhere in the house.

HDTV is worth getting in your own home right now and Dish Network is a worry free way to make it happen.

Dish Network Solves Television Equipment Problems

When you shop around for a new television service provider, you probably don’t give a lot of thought to the extra equipment the you might need in order to take advantage of your new TV service. You’re probably more concerned with the type of TV that you have and finding the right programming package to complement your lifestyle and stay within your budget. There are several reasons why you’ll need extra equipment to get television programming on your TV though. For one thing, most of the newer television sets, at least the high definition ones, don’t come with built in tuners. That means that whether you get your TV programming from a satellite TV provider, a cable TV provider, or just off of the airwaves, you’re going to need additional equipment. If you have an older standard definition TV set, chances are you’ll also need a special converter box to view over the air TV programming after stations switch over the digital television format in 2009. If you subscribe to a cable TV or satellite TV service you’ll need a special receiver because both encrypt their programming in order to prevent theft by non subscribers. The receiver boxes can decode the programming so that it can be viewed on your TV. Fortunately, Dish Network can put all of these concerns to rest because it provides a satellite receiver at no extra cost to its subscribers with every programming package.

There are actually a variety of Dish Network satellite receivers that you could end up with if you get a Dish Network programming package. The basic receiver is the Dish 301 model. The Dish 301 can handle hundreds of channels of standard definition television programming and all of the basic Dish Network software like the Dish Interactive Program Guide, Parental Control Locks, favorites lists, and has on screen Caller ID capability, but doesn’t have any extra bells and whistles. The Dish 301 is the basic programming package that you’ll get if you have a standard definition television programming package that you plan to enjoy on a single TV and don’t ask for any extra features.

If you still just have a standard definition programming package and don’t want any extra features, but you plan to watch your programming package on more than one TV, you’ll probably be given the Dish 322. In addition to the features of the Dish 301, the Dish 322 can send separate television programming to a second television located elsewhere in the house at the same time that it provides television programming to the primary TV located in your living room. That way two people can watch different programming on different TV’s at the same time with only one receiver.

If you want the ultimate convenience while watching television, getting a digital video recorder built into a satellite receiver is a great way to do it. The Dish Player-DVR 625 has a built in hard disk that it can record up to one hundred hours of video onto. That way you can program the receiver to record all of the TV shows and movies that your really want to watch, but are prevented from watching by outside obligations.

Dish Network not only solves the problem of providing receivers to its customers, but also throws in plenty of bonus features along with them.

Enjoy your Dish TV to the Fullest with Electronic Programming Guide

Looking for some of the latest shows that are to be aired on dish TV but are not sure about which channel is broadcasting them? With the vast number of channels on dish TV it is very hard to keep a track of the shows that are being launched there and hence it is very common for people to get a little confused. There are over 500 channels on dish entertainment and people often forget to keep a track of the shows airing on those channels. No one remembers what is airing on which channels when they are not closely following those shows.

Dish Network is always trying to improve the TV viewing experience of the viewers and has been constantly trying out ways to provide its viewers with high quality TV entertainment. For this reason, dish network has come up with a detailed programming guide that helps the viewers to find their favorite programs quickly and effectively. The programming guide is known as electronic programming guide or EPG. The guide has a calendar like interface where you can get the necessary details about the channels, programs and duration. From the programming guide you can also see the programs of a number of days.

In the electronic programming guide of dish network you can get a lot of information. You can see the names and channels of the program along with the durations, the name of the chief protagonists etc. At the same time it also shows you the time remaining for the current show to come to an end. You can select any of these programs from the guide and schedule recording the program by pressing the recording button on you TV remote. In case of international programming the programming guide informs you about whether the programs come with a sub title or not.

Apart from showing the programs in a systematic manner, the programming guide helps you in many ways. In this programming guide newly arrived shows are shown under a different category. This ensures that the viewers can check out all the new releases. You can also get sport programming, movies, educational programs and horror programs on different channels. You can also search the programming guide with the help of keywords like show name, name of chief protagonist or the name of the director. Thus you can quickly find your favorite shows from the extensive programming guide.

You can also customize your electronic programming guide as per your requirement. You can create a custom menu on the programming guide and add your favorite programs to it. This will ensure that you can quickly access those programs. With the electronic programming guide from dish TV in hand you can also set alarm to inform you when a particular program is being aired. Thus you will never miss a single show ever again.

Thus with the electronic programming guide from dish satellite network you can have a great time and get the most entertainment from your satellite TV programming.

Stay Connected to Your Homeland through DISH Network International Programming

With the arrival of Satellite TV, the whole world has come within your grip. Dont you think so? Earlier you have read in the story books about the mystery world of Atlantic Ocean, the wonders of African forests and nerve spilling sensation of The Egyptian pyramids. But if you can catch them live in front of your television screen, cant it be more thrilling? DISH Network satellite TV has made this as a reality. Earlier we only had to fix our interests within the bounds of our nation, but thanks to DISH Network we have been able to broaden our horizon. Be it any international sport event, exotic locale of any of the country across the world, DISH TV has made provision so that you can remain satisfied to your utmost level. Thus with international programming package we can see the world right at your doorstep. With this package you can watch all the famous satellite TV channels of various other languages of the world.

It is to be noted that DISH Network is not the only one who offers exquisite packages of international programs. There are other television providers who also offer some of the programs in different languages, to take for example, the cable television. It offers some of the exclusive programs in Spanish language, but in comparison to DISH Network it stands nowhere. DISH Network has in fact drawn every ones attention by offering nearly one hundred and seventy channels in twenty eight languages. So needless to say it has widened the choice of programs being available at your disposal. Also the international package comes within the affordable price tag without burning a hole in your pocket. Plus, superb sound and stunning picture quality also make you feel as if you are sitting inside any state of the art theatre hall.

Lets throw a quick look at some of the exciting international programming packages of DISH Network:

Spanish Language program has gained a huge popularity amongst all the Spanish speaking people of United States. For most obvious reason quite a number of Spanish language packages being available in Dish Network which will make them feel at homw away from home.

For the Chinese people DISH Network has brought out the Great Wall package which is quite unique in its content and programming. No doubt it will bring smiles to all the Chinese people in United as it is duly stuffed with entertaining programs in all its nineteen channels. All these channels incorporate six of the very best entertainment channels from CCTV, 9 provincial channels from mainland China and 4 channels provided by partners beyond China.. The price for this package is only $32.99/mo which has brought new dimension to entertainment programming in Chinese language.

Other language options include Latin American, Arabic, Hindi, Polish, Taiwanese and Russian and many more. These programs rightly connect you with the part of the world you belong to.