Moving From Pop3 Mail To Hosted Exchange It Just Gets Better

Are you using POP3 email?

You may be wondering what a POP3 server is. Its one of those technical acronyms thats used for accessing your online mailbox. In fact, there are different technologies that are used for accessing a mailbox, but POP3 is the most widely used so far, despite its basic features. If your e-mail is hosted at your Internet Service Provider, chances are that you are using this POP3 protocol.

The limitations of POP3

Why is POP3 so widely used if it is so basic? Have you ever been warned by an IT expert (or your ISPs hotline) not to check your e-mail from two different computers? Chances are that you already have. In fact, with POP3 it is a bit inconvenient (while possible) to retrieve your e-mails into two computers. In fact, the first time you retrieve email using computer A, it moves actually the e-mail to that computer thereby wont be available on computer B to retrieve anymore.

This clearly shows up how inappropriate a POP3-only e-mail implementation is when you plan to access your e-mail from two devices (a laptop and a mobile phone for example).

Also, more advanced features are lacking from POP3 mail. When it comes to address book contacts, its almost impossible to share your contacts with other people in your organisation with basic POP3.

Opting for a better solution: Hosted Exchange

E-mail and collaboration tools are now more predominant in the way people in businesses share their work and resources nowadays. And as staff need to share address books, they also need to be able to book an appointment via shared calendars. With mobiles becoming widely used for general communications other than voice, users want to be able to access their e-mail, calendars, tasks and contacts while on-the-go. Isnt it wonderful that you get a copy of your e-mail on your mobile phone as soon as it arrives in your mailbox: this is possible with push e-mail systems while still a dream on POP3-only implementation. And the best part is, youll still get a copy of this same e-mail on your desktop once you arrive at the office.

As a CEO, wouldnt it be nice to delegate to your executive assistant the processing of your e-mail, calendar or tasks? You wouldnt even have to share passwords. These are what Hosted Exchange enterprise-class e-mail and collaboration systems can do for you.

As you can see, this is way more powerful than POP3.

And as a cherry on the pie, a Hosted Exchange 2010 solution is mobile-ready. You can get it on Android, a Blackberry, Windows Phone, or Apple-based iPhone, or iPad.

The question is should you move to a Hosted Exchange 2010 solution? Given all the benefits, its perhaps time you benefited from state-of-the-art enterprise e-mail solution that increases your peoples efficiency.

Runtastic Training Plans The Iphone Become Your Personal Coach

With the runtastic training plans, iPhone users work out with a personal coach in their ears. The 16 training plans in five categories (beginner, 10K, half marathon, marathon and weight loss) can be downloaded in the runtastic fitness portal ( or directly in the runtastic iPhone App. The iPhone controls the athlete via audio feedback. The training plans were designed exclusively by Olympic Champion and Celebrity-Coach Dieter Baumann. The training plans cost from 9.90 to 24.90 . Furthermore Baumann will answer user questions regarding the training with runtastic regularly.

The runtastic training plans are available in different levels of intensity. Therefore they can be adapted to the fitness level of each athlete. Even interval trainings which are guided by the voice coach are included in the training plans. After the training, the users dispose of an own training plan newsfeed and as well of a training plan calendar which demonstrated status and progress. Therefore the user has the possibility to exactly analyze and follow the training progress on the runtastic fitness portal. runtastic Gold members get a discount of 50 % on the training plans.
runtastic reach your goals easily
The runtastic training plans are designed for athletes who want to achieve their goals, but do not have the necessary knowledge for a specific training. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or already trained for a marathon. We offer a professional training plan which can be used without any effort. After the purchase with a few clicks, everything works automatically the user just needs to run argues CEO and co-founder of runtastic, Florian Gschwandtner.
runtastic iPhone App the smart coach on the iPhone
The runtastic iPhone App matches perfectly with the runtastic fitness portal and the runtastic training plans will be downloaded automatically into the app. During each training session, the user will be accompanied by the runtastic voice coach, which is very important for the interval training. Therefore the user does not have to adjust the training the voice coach does it for him or her.
Long-term weight loss a very common goal
Runtastic and Dieter Baumann designed a training plan especially for weight loss. Long-term goal is to lose weight and maintain that weight to stay fit all the year. “The majority of women wish to decrease their weight and keep it. We have specifically designed for weight reduction a very effective training, which aims essentially on fat burning. With the help of this training plan, we want to help people to lose weight and then further we want to spur them on to do sports. There is no better feeling than to get in shape and feel fit and we want to allow this our users. says Florian Gschwandtner. Even for beginners, there is the right plan. The beginner plans are especially designed to accustom people to run and build up physical fitness step by step. After that, even 10K runs, half marathons and marathons with runtastic training plans can be managed.
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About runtastic
runtastic ( offers products and services for data collection and sport data management as well as helps athletes for networking in the web in order to enjoy sports at the maximum and motivate people to do sports.
The sport data is collected by our own mobile applications on smartphones (iPhone, Android, Blackberry …) and transferred without the athletes effort to the sports portal where they are optimally displayed for the athlete in a training diary. The mobile applications are the ideal companion for all outdoor sports (running, cycling, hiking, skiing, walking,…) and indoor training (weight training, fitness training).
runtastic GmbH was founded on October 2009 in Linz, Austria and currently consists of a team of 20 employees. More than 2 million people have downloaded the runtastic fitness apps.
For more information and contact:

For further queries from journalists/bloggers, please contact:
Florian Gschwandtner, CEO & Co-founder
+43 650 777 01 90

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Nevertheless, if you follow an absolute strategy, it is not hard to win cheap iPads together with iPhones on these web pages.

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This could get tricky. The first and most crucial thing to remember is to steer clear of the scams. Yes, there are generally several sites that employ shill bidding, bot putting in a bid etc. These will greatly lessen your winning chances and you should never bid on a lot of these sites. However, the huge upside with bidding on new penny auctions is that they can give you some amazing discounts and help you to get that cheap iPhone you always wanted. The reason is easy – the new sites don’t have several members and therefore possess a much less competition than the established sites.

While in need of new penny auctions, it is imperative that you find legitimate sites that are new and want to establish themselves. Therefore you should firstly look at reviews to see whether winners acquire items. Then you should dig further in the company and the proprietor themselves. If the web site is legitimate, you can purchase information freely as they also have nothing to hide. For instance, you can find the name with the founder or CEO online. These businesses want to look at time and establish themselves in the field. You should target such businesses within their blooming stage.

Once you end up picking the site, you should then establish ways of win your cheap iPhone in the site. The easiest way is to bid at the last second in the auction, so that you don’t lose your bids. This particular strategy might take a great deal of patience but it is actually surely worth it if you can get a coveted apple iphone for 90% discount!
What does cheap iPhone insurance got about nomophobia? Well, pretty much everything. Nomophobia is the fear of not being unable to make use of your mobile phone for reasons uknown. In a survey done by YouGov at the request of the UK Post office, 53% of the surveyed people thought to suffer from this phobia. This is not an official name and maybe not a real phobia, it simply describes the people who cannot stay out of contact because of their phone being lost.

Not surprisingly, not every citizen with the UK were surveyed, just a number of 2. 163 participants, which isn’t really accurate considering the UK has an exceptionally big population. However, a place was made here. It appears that in Great Britain, one using two nomophobes never switch off their phones. Sadly, mobile phones get lost, usually stolen. In a British Crime survey done in August 2008, it was shown that in 6 out of 10 incidents, the phone was the one thing stolen. The same survey had shown that 11% of the victims were aged between the ages of 18 and 24, which is five times a lot more than those of ages above 64.