Free Invoice Software For Ambitious Entrepreneurs

Why should I use this free invoice software to run my business?
A lot of people may be skeptical of free software especially when they consider using it to help run their business. Thousands of small business owners and bookkeepers around the world use Nevitium and provide feedback daily. Nevitium is actively developed and maintained by someone who really cares about the quality and future of the software–and the end-user’s experience. Data Virtue is also a registered member of the BBB, and the developer makes his information public on the company website.

The whole purpose and focus of Nevitium is simple. Provide the tools a business manager needs to service their customers in a professional and competent manner while allowing them to focus on their core business. I feel software should be as easy and as powerful to use as your automobile with everything you need placed conveniently so you can keep your eyes on the road.

You see, Nevitium doesn’t bog you down with enormous features it simply provides the smart intuitive tools that you need to handle your customer relations through invoices, quotes, invoice and quote tracking, invoice payments and history, customer data, supplier data, inventory & reports while giving you the essential tools in all of those areas to manage them effectively and professionally. Nevitium is the best invoice software you can’t buy.

No matter what size your company is, when you send an invoice or your customers call, Nevitium puts you on top of the situation. No more fumbling around with paper, bloated software or “I’ll have to get back with you”. You (or an assistant) can handle your customer relations with confidence.

Don’t lose money because you’re fussing with business software all day instead of cultivating new customers. Nevitium is free and it allows you to focus on your business, so in fact it pays you to use it. Better, Nevitium doesn’t require extensive training to be productive.

The Best Things In Life Are Free.

Microsoft spent over 6 Billion dollars developing & marketing Vista, and it was barely useable upon release. In fact businesses refused to use it–with good reason.

So how does Data Virtue make money? That isn’t the current focus. I’m taking a long term approach to establishing a software company built on strong principles, trust, and superior products. This is also my way of contributing to the global community while fulfilling a desire to build a user friendly billing application for small businesses. Unlike those who work for the leading “small business software” companies, I thoroughly enjoy building Nevitium and helping my end-users. Bug fixes are implemented fast and free instead of in the next costly version. Right now my focus is on building the perfect application to help entrepreneurs around the world breath a sigh of relief.

So, if you are tired of using QuickBooks (there’s nothing quick about it) to print invoices and you want to be in control (no “cloud” schemes), give Nevitium a try. I’m here to help.

Sean K. Anderson
Business Software Analyst, Software Engineer, Marketing Manager Data Virtue