What Is Nouse Technology

A nouse is a novel computer technology. What is unique about this technology is that it allows you as the pc user to use your nose and eyes as pointers. Accordingly, these parts of your physique serve as hands-free taking the place of the mouse pointer that’s commonly associated with pc devices. Nouse technology comes with a variety of features. The most important is face and head detection. The face detection function allows your pc to detect your face, as it’s what you’ll be using as the pointer. The head detection function makes it possible for the pc to detect the actions and movements of your head.

Blink detection is one more function of nouse technology. It’s understood that your nose cannot make obvious and deliberate movements. Accordingly, nouse technology comes with a way through which you need to use your face for functions of creating clicks. That is the use of the blinking motions of your eyes. The nouse technology system has been calibrated in such a way that it is able to interpret say, three or four consecutive blinks as choices or clicks. Because it is a new technology, nouse might take some time before people can discover ways to make effective use of it.

Nouse technology additionally comes with a facial gestures recognition feature. That is what is used to recognize and detect the user’s facial gestures that can be used to carry out different tasks. What’s most interesting is that each of the user’s facial gestures will be accompanied by corresponding duties and commands. One other function you can find on the technology is user recognition. This function will be used to recognize the user’s face each time the pc is in use. The significance of this specific function is that it will allow your pc to not only automatically load but additionally use distinct yet customized settings for all users.

The ultimate function on nouse technology is the digital keyboard. This eliminates the need of a physical keyboard. The most important advantage of this function is that it makes hands-free computing and typing possible. The function could be found in the computer control and the hands-free operating system. If you find working with a physical keyboard and mouse considerably cumbersome, you must try nouse. However, while the technology affords comfort, it does not come cheap. What’s more, you may not get it at your local pc store as it’s still relatively new.

The nouse technology will be notably useful to handicapped individuals and those with physical disabilities. If you understand someone who has trouble or is unable to successfully use his/her fingers due to disease or injury, you must get him or her this technology. The technology allows people to switch pointing devices such as mouse with their very own faces. Accordingly, disabled people will not only have the ability to work but additionally talk with others. It could be right to state that when the technology becomes mainstream, physical limitations will likely be a thing of the past.

The Motorola Milestone brings smart phone technology to the table

The Motorola Milestone is an impressively stylish mobile phone with an impressive list of functionality which incorporates everything anyone could want from a mobile phone. Recently released, this handset has an unerring familiarity with PDA styling, as it provides landscape mode data entry through its unusually accessible full QWERTY keyboard.

The phones impressively large 3.7 inch TFT touch screen is suitably large enough to be able to display pages of websites with excellent detailing. The fact that the display screen is able to display up to 16 million colours within the confines of a 480 x 854 pixel screen size may have something to do with it. Utilising the multi-touch input method of accessing functionality is simplicity itself, and makes web surfing user-friendly. Proximity and accelerometer sensors are included as standard within the Motorola Milestone , as is a full QWERTY keyboard which comes with a five way navigation key and is located behind the screen.

Class 12 versions of GPRS and EDGE are complimented by blue tooth and micro-USB connections, whilst internet access is provided by the HSPDA and Wi Fi connections. Speeds of up to 10.2 Mbps are achievable, which compare favourably with landline connections, whilst Wi Fi hotspots, located around the country can be accessed due to the Wi Fi feature. The phone’s internal memory of 133 MB is supplemented by an 8 GB SD card. Whilst for further memory expansion, up to 32 GB, the integrated microSD card slot can be utilised.

The handsets camera is a 5.0 megapixel camera which comes with autofocus and geo-tagging. Operating at 2592 pixels by 1944, images are impressive when taken. For illumination purposes a dual LED flash is provided. The camera also provides the means to record D1 quality video, which is essentially 720 x 480 pixels and at 24 frames per second. An MP4/MP3 player is included with the package as is also a document viewer, a photo viewer/editor, satellite navigation, organiser and voice memo.

The Moto Milestone utilises the ARM Cortex A8 600 MHz processor as well as the Android version 2 operating system, otherwise known as Eclair. This multipurpose, multifunctional handset offers impressively stylish design as well as functionality that is eminently useful.

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Touch Screen Phones- The Time To Move With The Fast Technology

In these recent years there is great advancement in the technology. Whether it is your computer system or a laptop, there is mammoth growth of the gadgets. The other big achievement in the field of technology is the invention of the mobile phone. There is no doubt that today each and every person is totally depended on the computers but there is also no doubt in that also that a large population of people cannot imagine of a life without this gadget. So, being the most essential part of our life, it is very necessary to move forward with the technologies which are commonly used in the mobile phones. The one example of this fast technology is using of Touchscreen technology in the mobile phones.

Today Touch Screen phones are not just a result of a simple technology but today, it has totally change the lives of the people, providing them total comfort with fast performance. With the capacity of performing all the functions with a mere touch of a finger, Touch Screen mobile phones are more user friendly and fast as compare to other devices. This technology used mobile phones are not just only said as an advance gadget but also treat as a best phones in-terms of performance.

With the popularity of the touch screen technology in mobile phones, the mobile market of Touch Screen phones has really got a great hike. To satisfy the need of the touch screen phones lovers, all major brands have introduced this technology equipped phones. Whether its your top most brands like Nokia, Samsung, LG, Apple and HTC or less popular brands like Motorola and Acer, all these brands are now manufacturing Touch Screen handsets for the users. Not just only the performance, all these devices comes in a different new look including a huge display screen with the features like virtual keyboard with full QWERTY keypad, high resolution screen, and several advance features. Apart from all these, these technology handsets also comes loaded with several other impressive features like 3G, 2G, MP3 player, camera, FM radio, Games, GPS, Bluetooth and lots more.

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Non-contact Radar Doppler Speed Sensor Technology

The railway network has always been important in Britain, not just for every day travel, but also for the transportation of good and services. Unfortunately nature and the elements can ruin even the best laid plans. Weve all seen the headlines about railway disruption whether thats the wrong type of leaf on the track or the big freeze that brings the country to its knees: we all no doubt moaned about the fact that our journey has been affected by such apparently trivial problems. But have you ever wondered how the train companies manage to keep the tracks open, or considered the sort of problems they face trying to achieve this?

Well, it isnt as simple as you might think. Its not simply a case of spraying de-icer here and there, or applying liberal quantities of weed killer over the tracks and the surrounding area. In an environmentally-conscious age, such practices are simply unacceptable: the application of any herbicide or chemical compound has to be selective in order to protect the wildlife. So how do they achieve this? They use the latest Total Drop Control (TDC) spray applicators along with GPS technology.

However there are still problems that they need to overcome. The traditional methods of using a weed killer train have worked effectively for a long time, but environmental concerns now mean that the companies have to be more careful with the application of any chemical substance in the vicinity of the track and the surrounding areas. Using too high a concentration of a chemical means the wildlife may suffer: certain weed killers have been proven to kill species like the lesser spotted newt. Using too low a concentration of weed killer simply means that the problem will re-occur. New technology ensures that the delivery of the correct concentration of herbicide in an ecologically-approved way which avoids any risk of point source pollution. The dispensing equipment is fixed to the train itself and is controlled by GPS technology: the flow of the chemical spray is linked to the speed of the train and monitored by a speed sensor. Unfortunately GPS technology has its limitations and isnt always suitable: Britains railways have lots of tunnels and many trees which can affect the accuracy of the equipment.

There is a solution however, and that is using doppler radar technology. Doppler non-contact radar speed sensors are already widely used by UK rolling stock engineers, and are valued for both their accuracy and their low cost. The new single beam and dual beam sensors provide accurate, independent speed and distance measurements in many railway environments. They are currently in use of both test tracks and the main lines.

The Doppler radar technology has been refined to give accurate speed and distance data which is free from the errors normally associated with wheel slip, GPS blank areas or surface changes. Because the non-contact radar Doppler speed sensor device is fitted independently from the train wheels it is not affected by wheel slippage. These sensors also indicate the direction-of-travel, and offer both digital pulse and/or analogue voltage outputs.

Main Technologies Used In Washing Machines

The popularity of washing machines is backed by the fact that they are of great utility in the hectic lifestyle of the modern society. The affordability of the washing machines is also the major factors that have made them an indispensable part of every household. Most of the people can afford a washing machine now as the prices have come down considerably in the recent times. The rapid advancements in technology have resulted in many qualitative changes in these machines. The latest models are trying to become more customer oriented than anything else.

The different washing machine models vary from one another in terms of capacity and the technologies used. There are many different technologies used in the washing machines. Some among the most popular technologies used in the latest washing machines are mentioned below.

Sixth sense is one among the innovative technologies used in the washing machines. The name of the technology itself defines the nature of the feature. The capabilities of the machine will acquire a whole new dimension with the help of this technology. The technology will induce a common sense into the systems and thus will help in becoming more user-friendly. The built-in sensors will measure the load, spin speed and water temperature and the automatic controls will regulate the various inputs. Another similar technology used in the washing machines is fuzzy logic. This technology will make the machines completely automatic.

In the conventional washing machine models, the users had to decide on the different factors including the load, spin speed, water temperature, quantity of detergent etc. however, the human intervention will result in errors and thus excess materials and energy will be used many a times. The technologies will limit the human interventions and thus the errors will be eliminated. The monitors and sensors will determine the different inputs automatically. This will help in reducing the wastage.

Apart from the energy saving factors, the latest technologies will also help in reducing the usage of materials such as detergents and softeners. Another major feature of the latest washing machine models is the ability to monitor the quality of water used. The hardness of water will be determined as hard water can damage the clothes. The exact time required for washing and drying the clothes will be determined by the sixth sense technology. This will help the users to time themselves properly and indulge in multiple activities.

Some sensors will help in determining the quality of detergents and the perfect water temperature according to the texture of clothes loaded in the machine for washing. Air refresh technology is also among the most popular technologies used in the washing machines. This technology will initiate the induction of fresh air into these machines and heating it. Washing and drying of the clothes will be done with the help of this air and steam. New features are introduced in the washing machine market day by day. The sole aim of all these technologies is to make the washing machines more user-friendly.

Expanding education- Technology to review education

Dear readers, this is not my regular work of technology or tech news review. Consider it a highly imagined piece where realistic assumptions are made with collective goodwill to expand the education base. What and how are decided once we are willing to understand the power that digital world gives us in improving life in large scale and have that illusive peaceful sleep. Technology no doubt is going through too many disruptions where there is innovation and mainly more so in the internet world but there is more scope.

First the opportunities. With Skype being downloaded wholesale it is already time for this app to work to deliver online classes. Even in some parts there are classes where international professionals are taking voluntary classes for economically backward masses. The main communication system here is definitely vernacular so that you do not need to teach them anything added for language in priority. Language can move forward with other subjects simultaneously. Once this is implemented it is better as the students will learn more practical oriented education rather than the conventional knowledge and attention challenging theories from these professionals. A very significant role is played by games if they are designed properly in online education.

Why games? This is a sort of entertainment and children will be more attentive to them. So even complex ideas can be easily executed and delivered once you have their full attention. Similarly to test their level of education it is better to use games as there also they will welcome the challenges of the games more than the conventional tests. This way there can be smooth early education for children and then comes the part of monitoring and designing fitting course curriculum. There lie our toughest challenges.

To monitor very individual and find their suitable vocations will need keen evaluation of their progress and at no point we can abandon those students. It is better to remember that most of these students are first generation of learners and they will have difficulty to grasp the education process. So we will have to suite the education to their liking. It is not that tough. We need to keep analysing our every move and monitor their effects.

If the prospects are understood more companies will come up with newer apps for these purposes, they will definitely do once they understand the enormity of their work. What will it give? Reduce education costs and the subsidies used in it. This is where you can save lot of money for other developmental work. This free money can even be used for building infrastructure of education these students will need and spread the process of education worldwide.

There will be difficulties. As the complexity of subjects increase more students will try the escape route. They will desert midway. It is for us to make them understand the impact difference of education can have in their life. Once we can do that we can move to keep them for longer time. Still some will desert. This is natural even in schools and there will come another technology to disturb our status quo of education completely. Till then we can work on our existing ideas.

Difference between Micro and Nano Technology

Our scientific expeditions haven’t just taken us to the realm of gigantic spatial bodies but also to the field of the minutest. Micro and Nano technology, deal with miniaturized products offering compact and highly efficient solutions. There is currently no great difference between these two fields as both of them have sort of a similar goal; to produce technological devices of the minutest sizes. The only major difference is in the scale. Nanoscale is three times smaller than the microscale. Nanotech usually concerns itself in the atomic or molecular scale while Microtechnology deals with electrical and mechanical devices that are near one millionth of a metre in size. Operations related to both of them however, require a similar setup which is free of dust and dirt. Additional steps, like special dress codes etc. are taken to ensure that no dust particles interact with the minute products. The following section of the article, tries to bring out some of the important differences in these two fields with a view to bring out a clearer picture.


This is one of the clearer distinctions between micro and nano technology. A micrometer is 106 m while a nanometer is 109 m. Scientists have observed that several different phenomena show up as the size decreases. Hence the applicable theories regarding the two fields are also somewhat different. More of quantum mechanics plays a hand in nanotech. Over the last few years, many products that were under the scope of Microtechnology have further scaled down and are being treated as nanotech products.


Differences between micro and nano technology can also be seen in the different applications of the two fields. Microelectromechanical System or MEMS is probably the most popular application of Microtechnology. MEMS devices contain mechanical components as well as electronic circuits embedded onto a small chip. Nanotechnology has received more attention in the recent years has various applications in many areas such as healthcare, IT, automobile, textile and biochemical industries.

Nanotech as the Heir to Microtechnology

Micro and nano technology are currently the most popular areas of scientific study. Nanotechnology is expected to be the next major revolution and more attention and funding is now being diverted towards this field. Nanotech has taken over many applications that were previously under the scope of Microtechnology. Governments, educational institutions and major companies throughout the globe are now investing mostly on nanotechnology research and development.

How Sunless Tanning Technology was Perfected

With all the promotional hype nowadays about how certain companies have invented a revolutionary way of sunless tanning, the real truth about its history has been lost. Do we call these companies as the pioneers for sunless tanning technology or are they merely innovators who added their own ingredients in perfecting the technology for their own specific purposes? Well, it’s really more like the latter.

In reality, the first sunless tanning lotion was introduced to the market in the 1960s. QT or Quick Tanning Lotion was created by Coppertone to address the demands for a safer and easier way to tan. A television commercial showing a girl and a boy dancing to a catchy tune that says “You get a quick tan with QT! A double tan you see! It tans you anytime, rain or shine, when you use QT!” successfully created an advertising hype for the first ever sunless tanning lotion. (You can watch the video here http://www.encyclomedia.com/video-coppertone_tanning_lotion_.html#moretext). However, the media hype immediately subsided as consumers saw that not only did QT not give them an even and smooth tan that becomes deeper when exposed to the sun’s rays, as the commercial claimed, but it also gave them an embarrassingly orange-ish complexion. This ended the production of the first ever sunless tanning lotion.

Now, like most products, sunless tanning technology emerged again as an answer to the demands of a growing consumer market. During the 1980s, when rumors were flying about that too much exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays and too many sessions under indoor tanning beds and lamps can cause skin cancer, the demand for sunless tanning technology rose. Naturally, people were afraid of developing cancer that they tended to look for alternatives to tanning. This was the time when beauty companies came out with a better and more effective sunless tanning lotion. Various companies capitalized on this high demand and production of sunless tanning lotions increased. As the supply increased, the prices also went down, making the product more accessible to the public as it is more affordable.

It has been said that the topical sunless tanning products that we enjoy today, like lotions, creams, sprays and cosmetic bronzers basically employ the technology that was innovated during the 1980s. Companies today just perfected the technology and combined it with various ingredients and components that provide the people with more value for their money. A very good example of this is the anti-aging sunless tanning lotion. Furthermore, practices, like exfoliating and moisturizing, were discovered that could ensure the achievement of a smooth and even tan. In a nutshell, fake tans can now look absolutely natural. What’s more is that it can be achieved at a cheaper price, as opposed to the more expensive sessions in indoor tanning salons.

It can be seen here that with the continuing development of modern technology, all things are possible. The orange tan that started in the sixties is now truly a smooth and even tan that can be achieved at home. This is made possible through the various sunless tanning products available in all major stores and supermarkets.

What Is Collocation Is The Colocation Technology Is Best For Web Hosting

If you want that your server should be safe and secure. The major aspects of the web hosting technology are the security most of the hosting planes offer a hosting services along with security. We are not sure about that we have a hosting plan which is securing us we can only assume that the plan which we have is secure. One of the latest and popular terms which use now days is the collocation.The Colocation means you store your own server at a facility of a colocation provider. A colocation provider provides an internet connection to your server and allows you physical access to your own server when you need it and fulfill all your business needs. Colocation is a hosting option for small businesses who want the features of a large IT department without the costs. Colocation server hosting offers its clients the advantages of security and facility of dedicated server. It also allows user to have full control over the scalability and over their hardware in their own controls

The web server which is usually located at a dedicated facility designed with resources which include a secured cage or rack, regulated power, dedicated internet connection, security and support. As per colocation facilities offer high-security which mainly including cameras, fire detection devices with extinguishing devices, multiple connection feeds, filtered power options, backup power generators which is very important and other items to ensure high-availability which is mandatory for all Web-based and virtual businesses and also the web hosting services Colocation sites are being erected at various points around the world to provide services to the rapidly expanding the scope of Web hosting and e-commerce marketplace in global market. Many large corporations and business entities have the Internet infrastructure to host their own web servers and have a team of IT professionals to manage and design the site, individuals and small companies do not. There is a wide range of options available from

simple hosting up to running your own Web servers off of a dedicated Internet connection. One such option is colocation.

Is the Colocation technology is best for web hosting

The technology called as Colocation hosting has numerous advantageous. The most important advantages of colocation server is the higher security of your equipment and devices because the data center is in charge for the security of your server and all the sensitive data contained in it. These data centers have the best security measures and are monitored 24/7, thus it is the safest place for your server.Another major aspect is the cost efficiency, because you are required to have a building for your computers. The hosting companies have their own advantages as well, as they simply offer some rack space in their building, receiving rent for their services.The other main advantage of colocation hosting is the fact that you receive your own bandwidth, RAM and other major hardware facilities just for yourself without having to share them with anyone else. This is a question that is difficult to answer. For individuals who run small sites for personal use or blogs probably do not need the level of service provided

By colocation and are better off with Web hosting. If however, the server is needed to be more robust than what is provided by standard Web hosting, colocation is often times the best next option. It is also a very good option for small businesses that want to have a fairly large Web presence but don’t want to have to deal with a large amount items such as network connections.

The Most Efficient Aquaponics Technology Raft System

The newest aquaponics technology nowadays is the raft system. This kind of technology is still continuously developing and there are two major methods that are involved. First is the media filled bed system, wherein you may use your backyard as a starting point of your career and good for all the beginners out there. Second is the raft system, wherein almost all of the commercial growers are using this kind of approach. The nutrient film technique is the third kind of technology which is less used and less popular method of aquaponics. In a raft system, or also known as the float, the plants are being grown in a floating polystyrene boards that are floating on top of the water. This kind of system is using components which will increase the stocking densities of fishes and will also with the production of plants.

In addition to that the media filled system is also using a tank container which is filled of gravel, per lite and other Medias for the plant bed. This kind of bed is then filled with water coming from the fish tank. The water now will basically drain to the fish tank, allowing the media filled system to increase the production of different crops. Basing on a big scale, the raft system is producing more fishes because of the filtration of the components which are found on the layout of the raft tanks. If you wanted to know more about the advantages of the raft tanks, then in this article it will be briefly discussed. The aquaponic raft system is composed of circulating water which are coming from the fish tanks and passing through the large filters and shallow tanks. The plants will lie in these tanks together with their roots dangling in the water. The solid wastes that are coming from the fishes are then removed through a filter or what we call solid removal devices.

Most of the research scientist at the University of the Virgin Islands have already developed a kind of commercial viable raft aquaponic system that have adopted by the growers all over the world because of its viability and greatest usage of bases, researches and datas. One of its unique advantages of the raft system is its high volume of water that can be produced in the system. This will act now as butter for the fishes. Like in the typical aquaculture systems which are re-circulating, the fishes are stocked at a density of lb per gallon of water. This kind of fish stocking will make the rate more manageable for the water quality and also for the health of the fishes which are considered to be very challenging. In the raft aquaponics, all of the water which is re-circulating must have 5-8 times more water which are contained in your filter and raft tanks. This will also mean that the proper designations of the raft aquaponic system or even with your tanks that are fully stocked are just only containing 1/16th fishes per gallon of water system.

Primarily, this raft system will take very large amounts of volume of water, but you will realize in the end that this kind of system is the most efficient models when it comes to water usage in all your food production. Since we have considered the largest surface area as the raft tanks and it is covered with rafts, so evaporation process which is taking place is very minimal. You may replace every day the water that has been used in cleaning your filter tanks but there is no water lost to weeds, because it is rest assured that there are no weeds occurring. The ratio for the fishes and plants has been determined by the research scientists, also with its filter tank sizes and water volumes which are needed. All of these factors are contributing much to the raft aquaponics as the choice for all the aquaponic growers all throughout the world. It is also believed that raft aquaponics is considered to be the most dependable, efficient and developed kind of method for all the aquaponic food production. So what are you waiting for, grab your chance now as one of the aquaponic grower.