Appliance Hardware Pulls It All Together

The Shortcut to a New Look
Most people know that new cabinet hardware creates a quick makeover in the kitchen. Appliance pulls, however, are often overlooked when all other hardware is replaced. These treasures provide an easy and affordable way to add a unique touch to your kitchen; one that will prominently reflect the essence of your kitchen design.

To the untrained eye, appliance pulls look like an oversized cabinet handle or pull. However, their significant dimensions provide distinct functional and aesthetic benefits to every kitchen. For example, the substantial size of appliance pulls enables them to provide solid strength and support for opening large cabinets and heavy appliance doors. In addition, their generous measurements attract immediate attention and add instant pizzazz to every kitchen appliance.

There Is So Much Choice!
Appliance pulls are available in a wide variety of styles and metal finishes that can complement any cabinetry and kitchen dcor. For a look of timeless sophistication, choose appliance pulls that mimic the look of your cabinet handles. Or, use your appliance pulls to add interesting detail to your kitchen by combining complementing cabinet knobs with the appropriate appliance pulls.

Be Creative with Ordinary Hardware
Another interesting way to incorporate appliance pulls into your home is to replace your standard closet handles with elegant appliance pulls. This simple substitution will create a beautiful and refined look in any room, and will bolster your closet doors and drawers with additional strength that may not have been provided by standard cabinet hardware.

Updating the style and feel of your home does not need to cost a fortune. You can create a new look in any room with the simple installation of new cabinet hardware. Whether they are intended to accompany your existing hardware or to create a new look all their own, appliance pulls are a way to add interest and artistic flair to every room.