Fitness Equipment Summary Orbus XT501 Touch Screen Elliptical Cross Trainer

Shopping for fitness equipment could be a discouraging task. There are so many brands and characteristics to think about that they sometimes blur into a tangle that’s hard to sort out. Many fitness experts consent, nevertheless, that the elliptical trainer is an effectual method for getting a low impact, complete body workout with many cardiovascular benefits. Here’s some information on a best-selling elliptical, the Orbus XT501 touch screen cross trainer.

In Reference to the Orbus XT501 Touch Screen Elliptical Cross Trainer

Based on a best selling elliptical on eBay UK, the XT501 was made and created on the XT520 model, long regarded as an excellent value. Currently the XT501 is an eBay best seller also. This is a mains powered, fully programmable with an innovative backlit touch screen which gives complete control over your workout. The Orbus name is identical to superiority and this elliptical is no exception. The XT501 is straightforward machine manufactured from heavy gauge steel with a similarly heavy duty flywheel weighing a considerable 10kg. Regardless of your physical fitness level, the XT501 will extend a challenging, stimulating workout whilst decreasing stress on bones as well as joints. The integrated computer will engage and occupy you, improving your enthusiasm while keeping a safe exercise amount. The cross trainer’s tension adjustments run electronically, therefore you have remarkable smoothness and seamless transitions.

Other Features of the XT501

The XT501 has dual action handlebars and soft touch hand grips to guarantee comfort plus security. Heart rate is monitored by brushed stainless steel automatic pulse sensors. The exercise machine has 14 regular programmes which extend a big array of workouts like rolling, valley, fat burning, ramp, mountain along with interval. The computer furthermore monitors time, velocity, distance, calories burned, and also watts. Watts is a gauging of the power of a workout. It indicate how quickly you’re burning calories. Case in point, running is going to higher watts value than merely walking. The XT501’s computer will also guess a body fat amount. Pick from a lot of levels of resistance for your workout then cool down in the “recovery” mode. The machine’s computer can store several user profiles, therefore everyone can obtain a personalised workout. For variety, you can go in either forward or reverse. Despite the direction you choose, the XT501 has remarkably silent operation. It has a conveniently positioned on-board water bottle and also wheels make the equipment really easy to manoeuvre. This elliptical can carry a maximum user weight of 120kg (18.90st). It comes with a inclusive and in-depth instruction manual. The XT501 furthermore has TUV certification. This means that it has been thoroughly tested to suit the sternest European standards and regulations. The elliptical is 120cm long x 60cm wide x 156cm high and needs about 30 minutes of minor assembly. It has a weight of 42kg. Anticipate to pay between 250 and 350 to purchase this elliptical, which has been confirmed as one of the most sensibly priced machines in its class.

Noun And Verb Technique

PureTesting offers end-to-end testing solutions. Our offerings includeTest Consulting, Testing Services, Test Trainings, and SDLC Products. PureTesting is recognized as a Testing Thought LeaderOur people work on Innovative concepts, write white papers, and present concepts at international forums.
PureTesting’s unique value proposition of offering better, faster, less expensive testing solutions is compelling to our clients in India, Europe, New Zealand, and US who regard us as a long-term testing partner. The domains in which PureTesting has expertise are: Banking & Financial Services, Datacom and Telecom, Pharmaceuticals, Embedded Systems, eLearning, EAI, ISVs.
PureTesting was incorporated in 2005 and is headquartered in NOIDA (near Delhi), India with offices in Texas, USA; London, UK; and Auckland, New Zealand.
The author, Vipul Kochar is a co-founder of PureTesting. Hel has over 12 years of testing experience and is also the founder of, a popular testing portal.
Prior to PureTesting Vipul worked at Adobe Systems India Pvt. Ltd. where he managed the testing of Adobe Reader (formerly known as Adobe Acrobat Reader) on Linux, Solaris, AIX and HP-UX and Handheld platforms. Vipul has won several awards including Logica CMG Triple Star Award for most original contribution at EuroStar 2005, Denmark. Vipul is a regular speaker at QAI International Conference, CONQUEST, World Conference on Quality etc. He is also the President of Indian Testing Board, member of ISTQB. Vipul holds a MS in Computer Engineering from IIT, Delhi.
Contact Information:
A-108B, Sector 58, NOIDA (UP) 201 301
Tel: +91 (120) 4324426, 4324427, 4311262
Fax: +91 (120) 4316115
Email: [emailprotected] [emailprotected]

What Are We Going to Talk About?
Noun and Verb Technique
***Nouns and Verbs, Adjectives and Adverbs
Some software systems exist to manipulate specific kinds of data
The kinds of data sets are the nouns
The manipulations are the verbs
Adjectives and adverbs affect the manipulation
Identify these items
Write test in sentences
Even trace coverage
For example, an ATM system should
Accept deposits
Process withdrawals
Answer inquiries
Kinds of deposits, withdrawals, inquiries?
Quickly? Securely?
This test design technique comes from Elisabeth Hendrickson.
***Rex Black: Effective and Efficient Testing Course
Extending Noun and Verb Technique
Challenges in using the technique
Often Requirements are not sufficiently detailed
Extracting enough Noun and Verbs is difficult
Writing complex scenario based tests from this technique is difficult
The technique has been extended at PureTesting and used successfully
Next few slides will present the extension with the help of an example
Extract the nouns and verbs
Use 5W1H to extract adjectives, adverbs and more information
Use pre and post conditions to extract more nouns and verbs
Enumerate properties of every noun
Break down these properties to base elements
Use boundary values, equivalence classes on the base elements
Write tests for individual properties
Combine operations (verbs) to write scenario based test cases of arbitrary complexity
Applying the Extended Technique
Example: File Open
Requirement fragment:
The application allows users to open supported files.
With the given requirement fragment
Very few meaningful test cases can be written using any test design technique
Using out extension to noun & verb technique we plan to write extensive test cases
Extracting the Nouns and Verbs
The application allows users to open supported files
Extracting Nouns
Extracting Verbs
Extracting Adjectives and Adverbs
File open
Look for properties of this noun
Also ask What, Why, When, Where, Who, Which, How,
How much/many
Look for properties of this verb
Also ask What, Why, When, Where, Who, Which, How,
How much/many
File: Properties
Enumerate all the properties of FILE
File has
Creation date
Accessing date
Modification date
File: Properties
Access Control
Password protection
Compression Support
Encryption Support
Creating application version
Breaking Down the Properties: Name
Name -is a string
String -is a SEQUENCE of Characters
Sequence = Length of string
Characters are elements of some valid character set
(THUS) Name
Has a length
Has a set of allowed characters
And some characters are not allowed (/ or \ in file name on windows, spaces on Linux/Unix platforms)
Applying Boundary Values
Has a length (maximum and minimum)
Has a set of allowed characters (valid equivalence class)
And some characters are not allowed (invalid equivalence class)
Properties: Location
Is a string
Has a length (maximum and minimum)
Has a set of allowed characters (valid equivalence class)
And some characters are not allowed (invalid equivalence class)
Also denotes physical location
On a locally connected drive (HDD, CD, Floppy)
On the LAN
Using UNC path
Other operating systems (e.g. Linux connected using samba)
On a web page as a link
Properties: State
in use/not in use
In use/open
Without data
With data
Properties: Type
Supported/not supported by the application
Binary or Text
Valid/invalid (corrupt)
Properties: Extension
With extension
Without extension
Correct extension
Incorrect extension
Properties: Attributes
Read only
Dealing with the Verb(s)
Applying 5W1H
Open What?
File with various properties
Supported and unsupported files
Open Where?
Supported Operating Systems
Application under test
Browser plug-ins, if supported
Dealing with the Verb(s)
Open how?
Open in various ways
double click
drag and drop
command line
application menu
open with
Open how many?
Open one (minimum number of) file
Many files
Max. number of files that can be opened simultaneously
How fast
How much time does it take to open the file?
Some Simple Positive Test Cases
Open a (supported) file
Minimum size
Maximum size
Minimum name length
Maximum name length
Located on a network drive/web
With and without appropriate extension
Created using older/newer version of creating application
Password protected
Some Simple Negative Tests
Open file(s) of
Unsupported type
Changed extensions
Corrupt file
Invalid/non-existent name
Scenario Based Tests
Open a new file. Open another existing but closed file.
Open an already open file.
Open an existing file. Modify it. Open the same file again.
Open an existing file. Modify it. Open another file.
Open a local file. Open another file on the web.
Open multiple files together. Check performance
Open a very large file on the network. Check performance.
Repeat the Open operation a number of times (repetitive tests for resource leaks)
Expanding the requirement
What (after file open)?
File is opened
in the application window
What are properties of application window?
Location on the screen
Size of the window
State of GUI elements such as menus/buttons (enabling/disabling etc.)
What are the properties of OPEN FILE?
Cursor location
Zoom level
Writing more Tests
What is the position of application once file is opened
What is the cursor position after opening the file
At what zoom level does the file open?
Using the extended N&V technique testers can
Write effective set of test cases
Reduce the impact of bad/missing requirements
Raise important questions about software behavior
Bring more uniformity in the coverage even when different testers write tests cases
Use Noun and Verb technique to create test cases for the following requirement excerpt
A word processing software has Find feature. User can invoke the find dialog to enter the string to be found. Find is case insensitive and circular. Find button is used repetitively to find the next occurrence.
Focus on test cases for Find feature.
After finding the test cases using noun and verb technique elaborate the requirements by speaking out the actions.
Create more test cases using pre and post conditions.

Immersion of Microscribe Arm for hardware

Still looking for a way to emulate and translate the physical properties of your home gadgets, office equipment and three-dimensional items? The perfect solution to solve this dilemma is through the use of the microscribe arm.

Numerous corporations have discovered the affordable solutions offered by the microscribe arm. If you are into graphics, reverse engineering or some other industries, then it is high time that you begin to consider bringing in the expertise of a Laser ScanArm, FARO Gage Standard to your organization.

Utilizing the microscribe arm , you will find it easy to create 3D models of any object at all, even if these objects are by no means flat. The great thing about the microscribe arm is its ability to get the physical properties of an object just by merely tracing over the object’s contours. By doing that, anyone can easily come up with a 3D design of an object in a matter of minutes.

If you wish to take your company and its productivity to the next level, then add software that support the functions of the microscribe arm. Thousands of users can attest to the efficiency of the microscribe arm, especially for corporations that are bent on professionalizing the services they offer.

The first thing that comes to mind when one hears microscribe arm are the car manufacturers and assemblers that use imaging as part of their daily work. However, you will be surprised to hear that a host of industries and professionals are now starting to grasp the importance of having a microscribe arm in their mitts.

Among the professionals who have learned to appreciate the value of a microscribe arm are the architects and engineers who are dealing with laser imaging on a regular basis. The construction industry, whether residential or commercial, makes use of 3D images from the start to the end of every project. Imagine how satisfied your clients would be, when you offer them a preview of how the inside and the outside of their buildings or homes will look like, through a 3D image created with a microscribe arm.

Undeniably, it is the auto industry that has cashed in on the benefits of using a microscribe arm which they use to create their vehicle models. This is also essential in reconstructing the drawings for vehicles due for inspection, repair or redesign.

The Laser ScanArm, FARO Gage Standard is a very useful device for creating prototypes for equipment, machine or vehicles. This is especially true for items that are no longer available in the market, or items which the user wants to improve on.

Gadgets and electronics are expected to become more highly in demand for years, making the microscribe arm a solid investment. The usefulness of the device is made more significant in various industries because of its portability and accuracy. With the technology, even the hard-to-reach areas or parts of an object can be recreated.

Surprisingly, even the medical industry has started to realize the importance of the Laser ScanArm, FARO Gage Standard Contrary to some thoughts, but even industries that provide foot care find the microscribe arm very useful. Through this gadget, foot care specialists are able to use technology to provide the best health care possible to their customers.

No matter what your company is, check out all the choices ways and means that the Laser ScanArm, FARO Gage Standard can help you when it comes to improving your efficiency and productivity.

Html5 – Not Designed For Business Applications

HTML5 – Not Designed for Business Applications

HTML5 is the next version of HTML to come along since version 4.0 in 1997.

HTML is an acronym for Hyper Text Markup Language and HTML elements are the basic building-blocks of web pages. The Internet would not exist as we know it today without HTML.

But HTML is not a programming language at all. This concept is confusing to some people. Web pages rely on a scripting language such as JavaScript in order to respond to user input. Think of it as HTML being a car and JavaScript being the engine.

JavaScript was introduced in 1995 by Netscape and coincidentally, that’s when the web started to really “take off”. This is an important fact to consider before we dig deeper into HTML5.

The open source nature of HTML and JavaScript has contributed to the growth of the Internet as a whole. Source code and design ideas are often borrowed from around the web and even from competitor’s web sites. This is facilitated by the fact that HTML and JavaScript are impossible to hide or protect.

HTML5 is no different!

There has been a lot of talk about HTML5 over the past couple of years and developers think that HTML5 is “cool” and “fun” to work with. But the logic ends there.

As usual with most new technologies, there has been confusion and misinformation over when HTML5 should be used and for what purpose. We aim to enlighten you about what HTML5 can and can’t do in this article.

New Features Same Old Concept

HTML5 includes new features such as the “Canvas” element, along with audio, video and Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) content, some of which replace the “object” tags of HTML4. There have also been some modifications and standardization of tags such as (a, cite, menu) but the basic concept of HTML remains the same in HTML5.

Who’s Promoting HTML5?

HTML5 was originally proposed by Opera Software (makers of the Opera web browser) and designed by the World Wide Web Consortium, also known as W3C.

An important point is that the W3C has been criticized as being dominated by larger organizations and thus writing standards that represent their interests.

The large organizations (Apple, Microsoft, Adobe, Google and Facebook) have promoted HTML5 as the most up to date technology for web development. In fact the late Steve Jobs termed HTML5 as the win-win solution for consuming any kind of web content on all types of web platforms. But it is important to note that Apple, Microsoft, Google and Facebook each have an incentive for promoting HTML5; each own and operate very profitable “app” stores such as the Windows Marketplace, Google App Store, iTunes App Store, Facebook Canvas Apps, etc. Protection of intellectual property and trade secrets is of little or no concern to those companies and in fact it is almost a conflict of interest.

Fact #1: HTML5 is based on JavaScript, which is impossible to protect. Yes, that’s a fact!

As we discussed a moment ago, JavaScript is the core “language” of HTML5, whose source code is impossible to protect. The most evident reason is that anyone can view HTML5 and JavaScript source by just a simple click. JavaScript was never intended to be anything more than an engine for client-server communication and re-useable web content, including menus, buttons, tabs and the like.

Developers may argue that they can mangle JavaScript source code by obfuscation and pseudo-encryption (such as “minification”, where the code is compressed and “minified”). But this is a dangerously false sense of security. Any skilled developer can reverse engineer a “minified” or “obfuscated” JavaScript application. By design, JavaScript cannot be encrypted and it cannot be hidden. JavaScript files must be downloaded in order to run in a web browser.

To make matters worse, JavaScript also cannot be locked down to a specific web domain.

The code is accessible to be hacked by any competitor. No matter how many steps are taken to hide the JavaScript, the web browser eventually downloads the JavaScript file to run it within the client’s web browser.

For comparison, hacking a Flash or Silverlight application just by viewing the source is not very easy but anyone with a little knowledge of HTML5 can do it in minutes.

The hacks of famous HTML5 games like AngryBirds, Texas Holdem and many others are excellent examples of the insecure techniques employed by HTML5 developers. All security measures are useless once the code has been obtained and reverse engineered. No matter what any HTML5 or JavaScript developer may claim, these facts are true and irrefutable!

Fact #2: The concept of HTML5 Canvas is nothing new.

As we discussed already, HTML5 is based on the same concepts of HTML4. The most useful and talked about feature of HTML5 is the new “Canvas” object. Canvas makes it easy for JavaScript developers to “paint” within a web browser, simplifying the design of applications that utilize graphics. But you may be surprised to know that this functionality has been available in a simulated manner with very little attention since the release of HTML4.

Fact #3: There is a widespread misconception about HTML5

HTML5 has been labeled as a “cross platform programming language” which is a serious misconception. It is true that HTML5 is capable of running on all types of platforms such as Windows, Linux, Android and other mobile operating systems but let’s not forget that HTML5 is nothing more than web page markup, which is controlled by JavaScript. Classifying HTML5 and JavaScript as a true programming language would be incorrect. It is a browser integrated language that cannot utilize all the features of the underlying operating system.

When Should You Use HTML5?

The answer is quite simple. Use HTML5 when you do not care about your source code, intellectual property, or trade secrets. If you do not care that a competitor may steal your source code after it has been uploaded to your web site then use HTML5. As you can see, HTML5 is perfect for buttons, menus and website specific content, for which it was designed.

The Bottom Line – Better Options Available

The bottom line is that HTML5 and JavaScript are great for a lot of things, but you can’t effectively protect anything that you develop with them. This clearly doesn’t add up if you are using these technologies for developing business applications, which they were not designed for.

If you are developing a web application then consider using Flash or Silverlight, both of which run in all popular web browsers for desktop operating system, including Windows, Mac and Linux.

If you are developing a mobile application, there are far better options for iPhone, iPad and Android development that afford better protection of trade secrets, better security, performance and usability for the end user and also allow you to take advantage of the native features of the underlying operating systems. For iOS (iPad and iPhone), use the Object C programming language. For Android, use the Java programming language.

For Windows development, consider C++, C#, Delphi or other proven languages.

Although slightly more difficult to develop with, Objective C, C++, C#, Java and other low level languages are always the best option no matter if you are developing desktop, web, or mobile applications.

Permission to Redistribute

Copyright (c) 2012 by Modulus Financial Engineering, Inc. All rights reserved. Permission is hereby granted to redistribute the article providing this copyright notice remains in place.

About the Author

Richard Gardner is Founder/CEO of Modulus Financial Engineering, Inc. In addition to his leadership role of the firms team members, Richard is an influential member of the financial technology industry at large, a globally-respected professional trader and software engineer, a guest speaker at industry conferences and among the inventors on over 70 technology patents.

Top Free Games For Your Ipod Touch!

Are you just using your Ipod Touch for playing for favourite music track and perhaps the odd video? If so you are missing out on 100 of games and applications that are available to you and many of these are 100% free. Lets kick off with 10 games than you can download free from the Itunes store.

Everybody must at some site have played Pacman and you can now you can even play Pacman Lite on your Ipod. It looks like the original arcade version, complete with a virtual control stick for you to toggle. No wonder it looks so retro, it is made by Namco. Check it out for some classic gaming action! Available for both iPod Touch and iPhone.

Playing Jelly Car you drive a car. You guessed it, made of jelly, through a world of jelly or at least try to. The shocking bad graphics, which look like something a 5 year old designed are actually more quiet pleasing than annoying and for me make the game. Available for both iPod Touch and iPhone.

Tap Tap Revenge is a sort of low budget version of Guitar Hero. Tap through the beats of more than 40 free songs and dont be surprised when you get addicted to this game. Available for both iPod Touch and iPhone.

Ibowl is one of my favourites! Go bowling with your iPod Touch with great graphics. If you like bowling this game allows you to bowl at anytime and anyplace, and you don’t even need to hire smelly footwear. Available for both iPod Touch and iPhone.

Cannon Challenge is developed by the Discovery Channel and to be honest is not one of my favourites. The game consists of shooting cannons at targets and try to hit them. It’s more fun than it sounds, but only just.. Available for both iPod Touch and iPhone.

Labyrinth Lite Edition. In this game you have to roll a little metal ball through a wooden labyrinth while avoiding holes. This game is very addictive and very tricky and will keep you amused for ages trying to master the 10 levels. Available for both iPod Touch and iPhone.

Ever played Risk? Well if so Lux Touch will appeal to you as it is a risk-like strategy game of global domination. Control the blue army and take over the world. Available for both iPod Touch and iPhone.

Tic Tac Free Does exactly what it says on the tin, which is noughts and crosses for you Brits reading this article.. No one ever out grows this simple game, or do they?. Available for both iPod Touch and iPhone.

Sol Free Solitaire – No free games list would be complete without Solitaire and Im happy to say that there is a free Ipod version called Sol Free Solotaire. It is one of the all time classic games and now it is available for the iPod Touch. Available for both iPod Touch and iPhone.

Brain Toot Free is a brain training game so download this and put on your thinking cap and see how smart you really are. It has four different games to train your brain’s memory, visual, thinking and math skills, so not only will you develop your brain powere but you will have plenty of fun.. Available for both iPod Touch and iPhone.

All these games are available 100% free from the Itunes store so simply load the itunes store and type in the game you want to load. Now a word of warning! Dont download these games from other sites or you could damage your Ipod or even get it infected by a virus or Trojan. So play safe, download from Itunes and have fun!

Led Tube Drive Technology Development Trend Analysis

From a technical point of view of the market DC Led Tube light-driven technology needs analysis, high technology, the DC / DC Buck and high-efficiency resonant half-bridge (LLC) + PFC topology and power factor correction ((PFC) + Pulse Width Control (PWM) are two average current mode controller to form the new AC / DC driver IC will appear in a new generation of its vitality.

Technological advances, new technology to create human life. In recent years, global human consensus: the future with green energy-related industries brightest prospects. Led Tube bear the brunt of the lighting industry, will show infinite vitality and infinite mass market. 2009 Led Tube lighting industry in no way affected by the global economic crisis, the Chinese government’s energetic efforts, China Led Tube lighting industry is rapidly take the heat in 2009, became Led Tube light the first year, China Led Tube light chain in this economic crisis the rapid growth and improvement, Led Tube rapid development of next-generation lighting technology, driven Led Tube light of the industrial chain of millions companies thriving.

Led Tube light is a shining star, Led Tube can be made based on diverse, ever-changing lighting and lighting, Led Tube advertising big screen, Led Tube information screens, mobile phones and MP3/MP4 display backlighting and other consumer electronics, notebook computer and LCD-TV display backlight.

Led Tube light source to work, inseparable from the driver IC. This phase of Led Tube Lighting recent trends in terms of drive technology.

Led Tube light of the basic structure

Led Tube light of the basic structure is: Led Tube Light + drive power + metal / plastic structure. Led Tube Led Tube light products related to the brightness, color, life; drive power Led Tube products involving electrical performance and stability, reliability, life; metal / plastic structural products related to Led Tube cooling performance and stylish new, and different of applications.

Led Tube without carbon emission energy efficient light source

Led Tube light source is a new generation of solid light source, Led Tube light as a green, energy saving, energy saving, long life light and the sudden emergence of fourth-generation, broad interest, in full swing rapidly. Led Tube light as the fourth generation of new energy-saving light source at its birth Jibei various types of light source used to do. As the incandescent light only five percent of its luminous efficiency, and Led Tube light-emitting efficiency was almost close to ninety percent. Led Tube light with its high energy, long life, environmentally friendly features of interest become a widespread concern. In recent years high-brightness Led Tube light source because of its manufacturing technology advances, while its production cost and steadily declined, and now almost all of Led Tube light source can be used as a high-brightness, high efficient and energy saving, carbon-free lighting source.

Led Tube light source driver IC needs

The current DC Led Tube light source is a low voltage (VF = 2 3.6V), high current (IF = 200 1500mA) semiconductor devices work, you must provide a constant DC current to the appropriate normal light. Direct current (DC)-driven DC Led Tube light source technology has become more mature, because we use everyday lighting is high-voltage AC power supply (AC100-220V), so the technology must be used to obtain lower step-down voltage, common is a switching power supply step-down, and then alternating current (AC) converted into direct current (DC), then the driver IC can be converted into DC current source to promote Led Tube light shine. Therefore, the DC drive Led Tube light source system application program must be: switching power supply + constant current source. Led Tube must have a certain amount of space inside to accommodate the power supply module, but the E27 standard screw is very limited space, it is difficult placement. Whether through the step-down switching power supply, or other methods, the system will have a certain amount of wear and tear, DC Led Tube in AC, DC conversion between about 8 to 25% of the electricity is loss of efficiency of the system difficult to achieve over 90%. Thereby increasing the power conversion efficiency has been the chip and power supply manufacturers to pursue.

Led Tube light source driver IC Common

Current source driver IC Common Led Tube is borrowed from the universal power supply IC, truly designed for the Led Tube light source driver IC, little, many companies are in the design, estimated that by 2010 there may be a lot to be City . Led Tube light source drive current, low-cost solution is not a safe method of RC Buck to achieve, if the earlier Christmas lights; low-cost drives can also use the CCR and the LDO, which drive current is not large, CCR can only drive below 0.5W Led Tube, such as 0.06W straw hat lamp, LDO regulator method can be driven with 1W of Led Tube, Led Tube light but for the life of disadvantage; DC / DC constant current source may be present One of the best known program.

Taser Gun Gadget To Protect Lives

The reputation of the taser gun is actually incredible from the very first time it was designed identified to the public up to these days. The device is not just for individuals who are fond of gathering security items but these are beneficial for all, specifically to those who go household late at night time or to travelers who are fond of going from a person area to the other. The gadget is bound to shield lives and there are presently a whole lot of folks becoming helped and even the military base safety officers or the private investigators are using the explained safety system.

The taser gun is a type of gadget uncovered valuable adequate and if you are browsing for the ideal basic safety item you can in fact use, this one can be fantastic. What do you think are the rewards you will acquiring? How can you say that it can preserve your life in case you had been trapped in an unpredicted circumstance wherein you can not truly request for someone’s help? It is not difficult to safeguard yourself these days and due to the fact we are being modern these days, it will be clever plenty of if you can present by yourself a thing you can effortlessly

These weapons can actually lead to you incredible soreness but not seriously as impressive as other actual fire arms. Far more and a lot more individuals are receiving hook with this variety of weapon these days due to its 99% incapacitation charge. The gun basically includes the thin insulated wire back which resembles the handgun along with the laser light. If you want to attain the most added benefits in applying, be guaranteed that you know how to manage the matter so you won’t be terrified when you want to use it and what if you have to have to hurry up? Hence, browse the manual information that would reveal to you the instruction of right handling of the gun.

Taser basic safety guns ended up invented prolonged time already to protect lives and it is coined as a single of the most wonderful device for self-defense. As time goes by, it is turning into much more substantial-tech and it is by now far far better than the old ones. You can’t basically obtain this 1 if you are nonetheless under 18 many years of age for safety and liability functions.

If you lack price range this time and if you are still saving up, shop around for you to see. Don’t assume that you are throwing away revenue for it, for you can genuinely use it to treatment for what you have and for on your own.

There are several self-defense weapons that you can use to safeguard your self against an attacker. Stun guns or pepper sprays can give you the benefit of shock and give you that excess second you need for escape. If you have to use this type of self-defense, do not hang around. Run for security and phone the police.

Look at with your nearby law enforcement in advance of you obtain a self-defense item to verify the community laws or any other any legal problems. You surely don’t want to stop up in jail for carrying an illegal weapon. has all the information and goods on self defense and how to safeguard you from being attacked or killed. self protection weapons, self protection for women

NLP State Management – What Is It and How It Can Help Improve Your Games

Couple of years before spelled the disenchantment of hundreds and hundreds of badminton lovers at the Beijing Olympics 08. The long awaited badminton finals concerning world # 1, Lin Dan, along with the number 2, Lee Chong Wei.

Just when every badminton enthusiasts assumed it could potentially be a match of the decade, something unforeseen took place. Without much effort from the champion but disappointments from the followers, Lin Dan beaten Lee Chong Wei.

Exactly what had Lin Dan done which Lee Chong Wei didnt? Can NLP be explanation for Lin Dans quick win over Lee Chong Wei?

For more than 20 years, countless powerful sportsmen have with relish utilized Neuro-linguistic programming techniques in perfecting their skills and abilities. Lately, there was a posting on the Straits Times claiming that NLP coaching has been applied by several soccer teams internationally.

In the event you caught the more recent World Cup fever, you’d probably recognized the number of teams could actually tick-off and get rid of their opposing teams via the usage of psychological tactics. For example, by using different Neuro-linguistic programming techniques, the much younger German team could come through as the winner in the time of their quarter-finals against a far more seasoned opponent, Argentina (I definitely didn’t see that coming).

When even the impressive athletes utilize NLP to raise the standard of their matches, what’s stopping you?

What are the Neuro linguistic programming techniques and tools which you’ll want to employ within the elements of sports?

What Exactly is State Management?

Also called the sum total of how you feel, the state that you are in at any given moment has the capability to affect the kind of results that you receive in anything that you do.

Just as before, this is exactly why Singapores table tennis ladies team was ready to distress the reigning winners and planet number one, China, in the recent World Team Table tennis Championships, was a result of Feng Tianweis impeccable mastery of her state during the games.

The Singapore celebrity was in her amazing shape both mentally and also on an emotional level while she overcame her determined competitors during an exciting and exhilarating game.

With that Being Said How Do You Manage Your State?

Usually, there’s 2 approaches which our NLP doctors learn how they may handle their states and generating spectacular outcomes in their lives they never knew:

State Management State #1- Enhance How You Use Your Body

Any time you desire to make positive changes to your state rapidly, this might be the easiest technique of all.

This technique operates on the belief that our own bodies and thoughts are one. The alterations that you simply make to your “actions” (posture, breathing etc) cannot not influence how you feel.

As soon as you learn those “actions” which you frequently take while you are in an fantastic state then you’re able to execute Neuro linguistic programming anchoring and fire off the anchors if you ever demand them down the road.

BizTalk vs. webMethods – A Side By Side Comparison

BizTalk vs. webMethods – A Side by Side Comparison

Biztalk vs. webMethods

WebMethods and Microsoft BizTalk Server both provide leading integration software solutions in the BPM and SOA market. If you are considering or leaning towards webMethods you may be wondering if there is an alternative integration solution that is cheaper from every perspective imaginable: product licensing cost, maintenance, support, deployment, implementation, development etc. Microsoft BizTalk Server is a good alternative.


One of the major negatives of webMethods is it’s very high price. In order to build a complete integration solution with SOA/ESB/BPM architecture, you’re going to need to buy lots of products, all of which have a separate price:

webMethods Adapters webMethods Broker webMethods Integration Server webMethods Monitor webMethods EDI Module webMethods Infravio X-Registry webMethods Infravio X-Broker webMethods Designer webMethods Process Engine webMethods Task Engine webMethods Optimize for Process Blaze Rules Engine webMethods Optimize for Process webMethods Dashboard webMethods Deployer webMethods Installer

With Microsoft BizTalk Server, you get all of the equivalent functions above under just 1 license, and everything is included out-of-the-box (Adapters, Broker, Process Server, Business Activity Monitoring, Rules Engine, EDI, etc.). Microsoft BizTalk has a very transparent and easy to understand licensing pricing model.

Ease of Use

webMethod stresses it’s advanced architectural aspects as to why learning it results in a such steep learning curve for your developers, high-level planning required and expensive consulting fees. BizTalk, on the other hand, stresses ease-of-use, easy deployment and short learning curve. You may have to contact a Microsoft Gold Partner that specializes in BizTalk for a few weeks to give you a good BizTalk foundation, create the proper architecture, maybe do a BizTalk Proof of Concept and mentor your team. But within a few weeks, your team should be up and running, supporting and maintaining your BizTalk solution. All this should amount to less than half of what you would end up paying for the same products and services from webMethods.

Proof of Concept

You would never buy a car without test-driving it. Therefore, in order to properly decide between webMethod’s and BizTalk, you should do a Proof of Concept (POC). Find something simple you’d like to integrate and use both webMethods and BizTalk to do it. If you engage a skilled Microsoft Gold Partner that specializes in BizTalk Server, a BizTalk POC should be completed more than 100-200% faster than a webMethods POC. webMethods will usually shy away or completely avoid doing a POC because of how complicated a very simple integration solution is to do using webMethods.

Integrated Development Platform

Microsoft BizTalk Server delivers a unified platform for customers to integrate their applications, unlike webMethod’s hosh-posh of acquired products. Microsoft BizTalk Server runs on the .Net platform and it’s tools all integrate with VisualStudio.Net. This means easier implementations, faster deployment, and the ability to go-live on more integration projects, faster and cheaper.

So if you are between webMethods or BizTalk, do your homework:

Ask hard questions about configuration and require POC’s to start from the ground-up.

Forget the flashy demos and make sure you know what you are getting into before you sign on the dotted line.

Make sure you ask for a total cost of ownership, including ALL adapters, necessary software services that will be required to completely deploy.

Ask for a very clear and easy to understand price sheet.

Think long term. WebMethods can lure you in with low cost of entry promises, and simply gloss over the long term costs of committing to their products and services. When it comes to total cost of ownership, webMethods simply cannot compete with BizTalk.

And don’t forget skills training for your staff as well as consulting fees.

Visit this link for Biztalk Consulting

Can Computer Radiation Cause Blindness

Recently, some media reported that 420 million Internet users in China, 63.5% of Internet users have vision loss due to Dell Studio 1735 computer radiation, cataract, blindness and other eye diseases in varying degrees.

In this regard, director of the Chinese Medical Association Ophthalmology Branch, Chinese Medical Association Ophthalmology Branch Director Professor Zhao Jialiang consider that the radiation caused by the computer exists, but it is small enough to have glaucoma and other serious eye diseases; experts also advise, though not enough computer radiation Have glaucoma and other serious eye diseases, but too much computer use, will certainly affect the eyes. Therefore, a good time to look at the computer to control and maintain the correct posture.

Not enough to blind computer radiation

“The occurrence of glaucoma not related to computer (Acer Aspire One ZG5)radiation, electromagnetic fields generated by the computer radiation is very weak, and will not cause blindness or glaucoma. ” Zhao Jialiang say for sure.

As for whether it will lead to cataracts, Zhao Jialiang said: “Electromagnetic effects on our body to produce a variety of ways, such as generating heat, etc., but this heat is not high enough to cause eye diseases. such as the steel workers because of exposure to high temperatures may damage the eyes Causing cataracts, but the computer’s temperature is not so high, so that is unlikely to lead to cataracts. ”

“mobile phones and other electronic products will also have radiation, and closer contact with human body, the phone’s use of the crowd so big, and cell phone use was so frequent, if that makes electronic products will be blind because of radiation, then Disastrous consequences of the. “Professor Zhao said.

control the computer scan time

“Computer no matter Acer Aspire One or Dell Inspiron 1545 use too much, really would have an impact on the eyes. such as is always staring at a computer, television screen, the eyes blink less than usual number of necessary, but has blinking eyes, eye protection features to make room to penetrate the water evenly in the eye Around the room to avoid the blocked circulation, resulting in increased intraocular pressure of the situation, if the eyes are always motionless staring at the screen, blink is reduced, which makes eye fatigue, dry.

The distance the computer screen, the font size will affect the human eye, the computer screen if too close will result in video terminal syndrome; screen is not too bright or too dark line would glare too bright, too dark will make eyes Fatigue, so the screen should be transferred to an appropriate level. “Zhao Jialiang said.

He believes that the proper use of the computer HP Pavilion DV7, first computer to control the time nice to see an hour after the rest a few minutes; followed by the computer screen should be placed under the eye sight. “If the computer is on the head, eyes on the eyes than, under the wide open larger; If the computer is on the line of sight under the eyes of most of the eyelid to be covered, to see from the screen to not be so tired, And the eyes suffered radiation is also small; Moreover, watching the computer screen should not be too concentrated, you can always blinked protective effect on the eye. ”